January 11, 2008

Reading Stuff!

I'm a little under halfway through The Day Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. It's the second in the Watch series, following The Night Watch. I started reading the first book (exclusively on the bus while going to and from work every weekday), a little over two weeks ago, and now am halfway through the second. I gotta say, I really like this stuff!

The series is very well-defined, and follows an unusual and original premise. I know I'll be picking up the next two books as soon as I've finished this one.

This is the kind of fantasy I've always wanted to read: set in modern times, and following some parallels with White Wolf's World of Darkness, but minus the Anne Rice-centric melodrama and angst. In a real World of Darkness (like the one written by Mr. Lukyanenko), the whiney, self-obsessed vampires would be slaughtered by the very desperate werewolves.


Rhiannon said...

Hey, Kingmonkey.

To answer your comment on my blog, I would seriously encourage you to download yWriter to get Behind Stone Walls moving forward. It's a great writing tool and I'm trying to get Sleazydinosaur to use it, too!

kingmonkey said...

Sweet Jeepers! I never expected someone to post here. I was actually startled when I saw a number other than 0!