April 15, 2008

Where the Wild Ideas Are

I wonder where ideas come from. Not literally, but in the arrogant, pretentious artistic way.

I developed a whole background for Behind Stone Walls* which I don't think will ever get to see the light of day in the completed story. Maybe I'll explore them in another story, but it's unlikely. Despite my participation in spin-off stories at www.moviesonline.ca, I don't like to revisit my creations. I like to love them and leave them like an irresponsible lover.

The writing journal is getting filled with my "secret codes" (i.e. poor handwriting) of all kinds of story ideas. A few are just simple titles, a couple lines of dialogue that want to be told in something later on, one seriously cool time travel idea I had late one night before going to bed... Sometimes, just writing down a description gives me fodder for later use.

Red Death Lady had an idea over at moviesonline, about a summer writing contest/thing. I'm thinking about it-- seriously thinking about it. I think I really need some external motivation to get going. I used to write on forums because other people could read it immediately, and give feedback. (Plus, the mind-blowing praise and blizzard of money you get paid for that sort of thing is nice, too.) Left to my own devices, I don't get much done. Must do something about that lak of writing initiative.

A cool quote from I Know This Much Is True: Inspiration is a fickle mistress, after all-- keep her waiting and she may desert you for another!

*I'm really starting to hate that title.

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Rhiannon said...

I'm a terrible, terrible influence. Aren't I?

I'm serious about a summer challenge. We have too many good writer's on our little forum that don't do enough with their inspiration and their amazing writing skills.

Seriously, unfinished stories are sheer torture. They're begging for their endings. Can't you hear them crying?

I think it would be great fun to throw down this summer and challenge each other. We can decide if we should finish something on the forum or write something totally new.

Seriously, some of the unfinished works would make amazing novels.

Go read my post about yWriter then download it. I think it might be what you're looking for to keep you going.