December 28, 2007

kingmonkey goes back to school

As January approaches, I'm eager to go back to school.

Holy shit.

How did that happen? I'm going back to school? Well, okay not a full schooling, or anything. I'm going to take a course at Algonquin College called Crafting a Novel. Hopefully I'll be able to put this to use and finally write a story with an ending.

It sucks having the attention span of a

So anyway, my vision of the future has me living the high life in a vast studio apartment, overlooking an ocean of some kind. For some reason, I'm dressed all in white, in this dream, and my clothes flutter in a constant breeze no matter where I go.

We'll see how ready the public is for finely crafted novels about zombie apocalypses and superheroes! No doubt, the lack of them indicates that there must be a starving market for them, right?

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