September 11, 2008

A Facebook Thing

As you, my imaginary readers, can see, I have added an application that links this blog to Facebook. My hope is to increase my readership from 'zero' to 'some.'

I know, dare to dream, huh?

Still, if nothing comes of it on a self-serving note -and I hope it does, as my self-servitude knows few bounds- it will at least get a couple other blogs some much-deserved attention. I refer, of course, to Those Aren't Muskets! (at and Weird Universe (predictably at If I could find Gladstone's blog, I would link it in, as well, but I've had no luck tracking it down just yet. Still, you can check him out at And by 'check him out,' I mean that he hosts full frontal nude photos of himself.

You know, I can still hardly believe I even have a Facebook account, seeing as how I'm actually fairly anti-social. Or unfairly... it depends on which side of the urine-filled water pistol you are. Of course, the account is under a false identity (a shocking revelation for those of you who know me as Knuckles McGillicuddy, no doubt), so it sort of precludes actual social interaction with most people I know in real life since I'm not posting any of my private info to identify me. Add to that the fact that most of my Facebook 'friends' are people I've never met-- it paints quite the loser-y picture of me.

Luckily, it's all a facade. Rest-assured, I am quite cool, and certainly don't live in my mother's basement. (I wish, though: she has a very cool basement.)

In conclusion, be my fake internet friend, and send me Facebook kittens.

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