November 25, 2010

The Past, and How Bad It Must Have Sucked

All things have a genesis. Innovations and inventions have a starting point. Before that point of origin, the thing in question existed only as a dream, a spark of imagination in one person's head. History is thus divided by a single and specific instance of creation.

There must have been a time before you could get bacon-wrapped sausages. There is an entire history before that point, a whole era, quantifiable and pitiable, in which sausages wrapped in bacon simply had never occured to anyone. Or maybe, in  Douglas Adams way, someone came up with the idea but was then somehow atomized, consigning the intervening generations to further wallow in their naked sausages.


Okay, wallowing in naked sausages conjures an entirely unintended image that I wasn't prepared to discuss, so let's table that particular tableau for another date.

Still, damn, huh? Bacon-wrapped sausages: that's some good stuff!

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