September 10, 2010

It's the Law!

I appreciate the need for certain rules of order in our modern society. If some things were left to choice, anarchy might prevail and all would be lost in senseless revolution.

That's why I'm happy for the simple rules that guide our daily existence.

Like the fact that it is required by law that the song We Are the Champions necessarily follow We Will Rock you on every radio station on Earth. Can you imagine if this were not so? Traffic would grind to a halt as drivers in the millions would be shattered emotionally. Civilization would grind to a halt! Madness would prevail and we'd be reduced to a nomad society where might makes right and lives would be worth less than a full tank of gasoline and Mel Gibson would be our only way to Fiji.

That's just too much to contemplate.

Thank, classic rock stations, for keeping that from happening!

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