May 11, 2009

Weird Comics

There was a time when weird was a common part of comic books. Literally. These titles represent only some of those that had the word Weird right in the title to let readers know what lay ahead: Weird Fantasy, Weird Mystery Tales, Weird Science, Weird Science Fantasy, Weird War, Weird Western Tales…. Beyond that, there were books like Creepy, Eerie (not to be confused with Eerie), and Vampirella.
Sadly, books like Vault of Evil and Vault of Horror are rarely made these days, and we have sunk into a rut of superheroes... not even Vault of Superheroes. (I miss vaults.) I, for one, would love to see a revival of series like Uncanny Tales from the Grave. Maybe, if comic book writers can avoid some redundancies in titles, it would help keep them from all presenting Adventures into Fear, Mystery, Terror, Weird Worlds, and Alan Ladd.

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cipriano said...

I love love LOVE that old artwork, the style of it.