January 02, 2009

The Mayfair Theatre

Here in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), we have been graced. A new owner has stepped forward and saved our recently closed Mayfair Thatre. The theatre had been opened back in 1932, and closed at the beginning of December. The last movie I saw there was The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

It was a repertoir theatre, but somewhere along the way, it got lost in becoming a commercial thatre, basically being a double-feature running theatre, playing Hollywood crap that was fresh out of the big chain thatres. Now, under new management, it's going back to the way it should be. Check out their schedule at http://www.mayfairtheatre.ca/.

James Bond double-bills? Metropolis (with a live band, The Hilotrons, doing the soundtrack)? Machine Girl? Kung-Fu Fridays? Mad Max? I am beside myself in anticipation of going tonight to catch Metropolis. I joined their group on Facebook, too, because this is super-exciting.


MJ said...

Ooo I demand that on Sunday you go and see Choke.

Not many people I know have seen it but I went to see it and thought it was brilliant. It's based on a book written by the same author that wrote the book Fight Club was based on. I hope that made sense...

kingmonkey said...

I love Chuck Palahniuk's writing. I've read Survivor, Fight Club, and Haunted. I'd really like to see Choke.

glendoor42 said...

"Here in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada), "

Well, from what I hear Ottawa, Ontario (Belgium) is a much nicer place.

Great about that your theater though.

We use to have one similar about an hour from here but it closed.